CalResilient 2023

2023 CalResilient Campaign Launched in the Spring of 2023, the new CalResilient campaign is focused on educating those around the Capitol about the environmental benefits of grazing and highlighting the significant work and investment made by California dairy and cattle families to reduce their environmental footprint. The campaign includes visuals, social media, [...]

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California Cattle Council Launches Wildfire Resiliency Effort

CALIFORNIA CATTLE COUNCIL LAUNCHES WILDFIRE RESILIENCY EFFORT Controlled burns and increased grazing can save lives, reduce emissions, and restore forest health SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California Cattle Council has launched a public affairs effort to promote science-based solutions and tools to help make California more wildfire resilient. According to the California Department of Forestry [...]

California Cattle Council Launches Wildfire Resiliency Effort2021-07-27T16:40:35-07:00

Wildfire Digital Campaign

Wildfire Digital Campaign   This summer, the California Cattle Council reengaged the Wildfire Resiliency campaign, focused on communicating that now is the time to act to improve land management practices and increase grazing and prescribed fire to reduce wildfires. The campaign included the following tactics and more. Digital ads Social [...]

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Resilience 2020 Campaign

Resilience 2020 Campaign Resilience 2020 was a digital media campaign that highlighted California cattle production that spanned over three phases from May to November. The campaign included: Digital banner ads Social Media Content Public Relations Outreach Amid the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this campaign originally launched to reassure [...]

Resilience 2020 Campaign2021-03-22T06:40:31-07:00
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