2020 Resilience Campaign highlights

Resilience 2020 Campaign
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Resilience 2020 was a digital media campaign that highlighted California cattle production that spanned over three phases from May to November.

The campaign included:

  • Digital banner ads

  • Social Media Content

  • Public Relations Outreach

Amid the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this campaign originally launched to reassure consumers that California’s cattle producers were well-positioned to produce an ample beef although supply chains were facing disruption. From there, the campaign was expanded to highlight sustainability and how California is a leader in sustainable cattle production. The first two phases of the digital campaign gathered over 12 million impressions & +20,000 viewers engaged to learn more.

At the end of 2020, the campaign once more shifted as The California Cattle Council invested significant resources to educate residents throughout the state on disastrous impacts of changing longtime property tax laws. The campaign targeted those who needed to hear the message with impactful videos via social media and frequently visited websites.

Watch all the videos from the campaign below to learn more.