What is the difference between the Cattle Council and the Beef Council?2021-03-14T19:49:25-07:00

The California Cattle Council has no affiliation with the California Beef Council. The California Cattle Council, is a separate organization to work on live cattle issues important to California cattle producers, not just the marketing and promotion of beef.

Unlike the California Beef Council, the California Cattle Council uses resources to defend and promote cattle production and focus on production issues like fire, water and air quality. The Cattle Council isable to fund research in these areas and educate regulators and legislators about the many benefits of cattle production.

How was the California Cattle Council established?2021-03-14T19:42:12-07:00

On April 5, 2019, The California Cattle Council became fully operative after the California Department of Food and Agriculture announced the results of the recent California Cattle Council Referendum on April 5. With 68 percent of the results being votes in favor of implementation, the referendum passed with the needed majority and was declared operative by the Secretary of Food and Agriculture.

The California Cattle Council referendum was a vote of the state’s beef producers to determine if $1.00 should be assessed on the sale of live cattle to fund the California Cattle Council in order to provide more resources to defend and promote cattle production in the state. Efforts were led by the California Cattlemen’s Association to pass Senate Bill 965, creating the opportunity for cattle producers to vote on the formation of the council through a referendum conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Members of the California Cattlemen’s Association, along with agricultural allies, campaigned for support during the voting period of February 21, 2019 to March 22, 2019.

Is the California Cattle Council Assessment Refundable?2021-03-14T19:53:33-07:00

 The Cattle Council assessment is refundable without prejudice. 

Is the California Cattle Council affiliated with the Federal Beef Checkoff Program?2021-03-14T19:52:23-07:00

The California Cattle Council is not subject to the federal beef checkoff program. Additionally it is not influenced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture or the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). All funds stay in California. 

Who is eligible to serve on the California Cattle Council?2021-03-14T19:28:53-07:00

The California Cattle Council Board of Directors is comprised of cattle producers who direct the activities of the Council and select funding priorities. All producers are eligible to serve on the board and all members of our board are appointed by the California Secretary of Agriculture. These are non-paid appointments.

The Cattle Council is be comprised of producers of all segments of the California cattle industry (same as beef council).

  • 11 Board Seats & 11 Alternates
    • 3 Range Cattle Producers
    • 3 Cattle Feeders
    • 3 Dairy Producers
    • 1 Processor or Packer
    • 1 Public Member
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