Meet the Board: Jennifer Beretta

“Meet the Board” is a series highlighting the people behind the California Cattle Council. We are kicking off the series with our board member, Jennifer Beretta, a 4th generation dairy farmer in Santa Rosa.

I’m Jennifer Beretta, a 4th generation dairy farmer in Santa Rosa, where I work alongside my father and brother at Beretta Dairy. I am the Assistant Herdman at the dairy. In this role, I oversee cow records, artificially inseminating the cows and heifers, vaccinations, feeding calves, and managing the organic paperwork. I am also responsible for picking the sires we breed our cows to and selecting the products we use for cow health. I also manage all vet-related issues and herd checks.

Off the dairy, I am a dairy 4-H leader, involved in Farm Bureau, and a dairy influencer for the California Milk Advisory Board.

As a Cattle Council board member, I am the voice of the north coast dairy industry. I got involved with the Council to ensure funds invested by California’s cattle producers are spent on programs that benefit them. The projects the Council supported have benefited the cattle industry and combatted the fight. I am fortunate to be a part of it.

The dairy industry is essential to California agriculture and the economy. We provide taxes, jobs, and wholesome products. I am proud to call myself a dairy farmer.

As it continues to become more challenging to farm in California, it is vital to be an advocate for all dairy and beef. It’s also important to tell our story. We are families and stewards of the land. Seeing the joy that fills my 11-year-old nephew and how much he loves the dairy makes me work even harder to be more involved so the dairy will be here for him in the future.

The California Cattle Council Board is made up of eleven members and eleven alternates, with each group consisting of three range cattle producers, three cattle feeders, three dairy producers, one processor, and one public member (open). The appointees were selected from nominations made by the cattle industry over a six-week nomination period and represent the diversity of cattle producers around the state, as required by the California Cattle Council Law. Learn more