Season 2, Episode 23 Out Now!

This week we return to Humboldt County and speak with rancher Peter Bussman.

In our last episode we spoke with Jason & Dean Hunt along with Justin Mora about ranching in Humboldt county with an emphasis on managing the areas Roosevelt Elk population.

On that trip I had the pleasure of meeting peter Bussman, a rancher that was on hand to give biologist Carrington Hilson and I access to ranch property in an effort to find elk, which we did.

In talking with Pete, I found that he comes from a long line of ranchers in the area, created a redwood tree farm in blue lake and volunteers his time to cook for large events over wood fire. We toured his cattle operation in the Arcata, drove to Blue Lake to see his tree farm, and then cooked enough New York Strips (he did ALL the cooking) for nearly 200 people and enjoyed them for dinner at the historic Carson Mansion in Eureka as guests of the Ignomar Club.

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Scenes from the Episode

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