Steak au poivre with Natalie Koopmann

Steak au poivre with Natalie Koopmann Episode Out Now!

This summer is the first anniversary of the project known as “Stories from California Cattle Country”. Though our first episode was released in August of ’21 the conceptualization started around the beginning of Summer last year. My first ranch visit, literally my first visit ever to a ranch was Koopmann Ranch in Sunol CA. I was overwhelmed with all the facets of ranch living. Suffice it to say, I had many questions and the Koopmann’s, Tim, Melinda, Clayton and Natalie were gracious to answer them.

That visit seems to be from a long time-ago. The folks that produce this podcast are big believers in continual improvement with the goal of best serving our membership by relating stories from remote ranches and dairies to people that may not have the luxury of visiting them. We’ve tried a little bit of everything. This episode, our 20th episode, will be the last for our first season. We decided to drop in on the Koopmann’s and cook a steak recipe… steak au poivre. I had caught up with Natalie Koopmann at our mid-year meeting and we got to talking about recipes. The Koopmann’s offer beef for sale directly to the consumer and offering recipes proves beneficial to their clientele.

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Make it Yourself!


  • Steak(s) 1″- 1&1/2″ thick (New York, Rib Eye or Filet work best)
  • Coarse ground black pepper – 2TB
  • Fresh Thyme – 1 Bunch (2TB picked)
  • Shallot – ½ cup finely diced
  • Butter – ½ pound (2 sticks)
  • Brandy or Cognac 1/8 cup (a good splash)
  • Heavy Cream – 1 pint
  • Beef Stock – 2 cups
  • Green Peppercorns – 3.5 oz jar
  • Crunchy Salt (Maldon) – optional
  1. Allow steak to come to close to room temperature (about 1 hour). Pat steak dry and pack one side generously with coarsely cracked pepper. Be sure not to include finer granules as they will burn.
  2. Coat a heavy bottomed pan with cooking oil and fry the steak(s) until caramelized on both sides (about 3-4 minutes per side). Set steak aside to rest. Sprinkle with salt.
  3. Remove any excess oil from the pan being careful to keep the fond (crispy bits). In the same pan add 1 stick of butter at medium high heat. Once the pan is hot and the butter is bubbling add the shallots and green peppercorns. Cook until fragrant with the shallots being translucent (about 2 minutes). Add a knob (or chunk) of butter. Add 2TB picked thyme leaves. Add Brandy/Cognac. ** Note- The alcohol could ignite on its own. Use a stick lighter to ignite the contents of the pan. Once the alcohol is burned off add the beef stock. Reduce to a consistency thicker than water, reduce the heat to medium and gradually stir in the heavy cream. Add a few knobs of butter until you reach a gravy like consistency.
  4. Slice the rested steak and coat with au poive sauce. Finish with crunchy salt.

Scenes from the Episode

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