Season 2, Episode 24 Out Now!

In this episode we meet up with Tim Curran in Sattley, California which is a few miles north of Sierraville… which is about 40 miles due west as the crow flies from Reno, Nevada. Note that the crow would have to fly over mountains at about 8000 feet to get there from Reno. Getting there by car is considerably more circuitous.

The Curran’s own and operate Circle Ranch, an outfit that is based in Ione, about a 3-hour drive from Sattley. Some of the ranchers we visit, primarily ones in coastal areas, are able to keep their cows on property year around due to a forgivable Mediterranean climate. But I’d say the majority of the ranches we visit have to move their animals seasonally to greener pastures… literally.

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Scenes from the Episode

Stories from California Cattle Country takes listeners to some of the most beautiful parts of this diverse state to learn more about the people and practices of ranches and dairies. Follow our host, Ryan as he darts around the state meeting cattle ranchers and dairy farmers learning about the animals and land they care for everyday.

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