Cow Pedicures at Rib Arrow Dairy Episode Out Now!

On our recent visit to Rib Arrow Dairy in Tulare, we met up with father and son hoof trimmers Marty and Art DeHaan. The DeHaans visit Rib Arrow Dairy weekly and attend to about 50 cows per visit providing trims and occasional treatments for other maladies. Dairy cows are quite accustomed to their daily routines but being that trimmings happen only once or twice a year they can be reluctant to willfully participate. This requires the DeHaans to make the process as stress free as possible.

It’s hard to convey the complexity and skillset required in hoof trimming through explanation. It’s truly fascinating. So much so that there are multiple YouTube cow trimmer accounts with millions of followers to see trimmers at work. In this episode we speak with Marty and Art DeHaan about their craft and it’s evolution.

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